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Classical Music
on Your Terms.

Let’s make classical music a little less stuffy and a lot more fun through concerts, lecture programs, and piano lessons.  


“What the heck even is classical music?”

“Does that mean I have to go dress up in a suit, sit in a stuffy concert hall, and stress out about when I can and can’t clap?”


There’s a bunch of misconceptions out there, but I promise you this:

classical music is for everyone, especially you.

So, let's explore classic music on your terms.

Ask me a question and off we'll go!

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“She took us on a musical journey filled with passion, spirituality, dream, wit, laughter… Her selection of pieces and her interpretation were captivating, uplifting, a real treat! Thank you Fredericka for the warmth of your musical sunshine on a polar Sunday afternoon”

- Veronique, concertgoer

Working with me is easy—and wicked fun (whoops, is my Boston showing?)!

Just click the button below that sounds like you.

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