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You don’t have to be a musician to enjoy learning about music...

especially when you’ve got a handful of interactive and engaging talks to choose from!

1. Poetry And Passion: Meet The Romantics Of The Piano

  • Frederic Chopin: everyone loves his music - why?

  • Franz Liszt: possibly the best ever, the game changer, rock star pianist (like me - lol!!)

  • Robert Schumann: imagination, dual personality, undying love for wife Clara, and champion of music

3. Dancing On The Keyboard: Bach, Mozart - Minuets, Allemandes, What’s A ‘Gigue’?

  • Why the music of the 1700s will make you want to dance

  • How the music we listen to becomes music we dance to

  • And if you’d like, feel free to dance, too!

2. Step Into My Parlor And Meet The Piano: The Life of the Piano in America

  • How the piano became a presence in America and our homes

  • The Americans mix it up: classical + American influence = rhythm & fun!

  • George Gershwin, Aaron Copland, Scott Joplin, and others

4. Where Are All The Women?: Meet The History Of Women In Classical Music

  • How women influenced the music industry as we know it today

  • The gender stereotyping of musical instruments


5. The Hub Of Music History: Boston’s Music History Revealed

  • The music history you didn’t know about Boston (even if you live here)

6. I, Too, Sing America: Music Of Black Composers

  • The reality of African American representation and recognition in classical music

  • Composers R. Nathaniel Dett, W.G. Still, George Walker, and others

  • How racism impacts the visibility of young professionals in music today

  • From the artist’s bench: my personal experience as a black classical pianist


Interested in learning more?

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